Marie Kifun - Jones LCSW Clinical Social Work/Therapist

379 Princeton Hightstown Rd,

Cranbury, NJ, 08512

Tel: 609 275 6479

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Marie Kifun - Jones Lcsw Clinical Social Work/therapist

I am a neurotherapist and a psychotherapist. My goal is to support your journey towards healing, help you become more self-aware and liberate you from negative emotions such as guilt, anger, fear and shame. Through a process of self-exploration, problem solving, skills development I can assist you to overcome barriers , clarify values, define your goals and achieve your potential and live happier, healthier and more meaningful lives.

"Experience is not what happens to you; it's what you do with what happens to you."
Aldous Huxley

Therapy​ sessions include:-

Traditional talk therapy, behavioral therapy and play therapy as well as Neurofeedback to help individuals, couples and children to:-

  • Navigate depression, anxiety, trauma

  • Find meaningful solutions to problems

  • Free up negative emotions such as guilt, fear, shame, anger

  • Regulate your mood and emotions

  • Become more self-aware

  • Maintain appropriate boundaries

  • Increase control over your body, brain and nervous system

  • Improve focus and quality of life

  • Find balance in your life

  • Enhance your well being

  • Improve Peak Performance

Neurofeedback techniques include:-

  • Lens
  • Neurofield
  • Neuroguide
  • Qeeg - Brain map
  • Loreta